Creation of the center

Purchase of the place

9 September 2019

A purchase contract for the premises was signed on 9 September 2019. The purchase price was CZK 13.5 million and the property was acquired by purchasing a 100% share in a limited liability company that owned the property. The company will now be called Sacha Parivartan s.r.o. Ownership shares will be held by Naropa, Tara, Antonín, Ota and Veronika.

Handover of the premises

5 October 2019

Handover of the premises will take place on 5 October 2019. Subsequently, Antonín, Jana and Jakub, who are going to live in the center, will move in. Once the premises will be taken over, it will be possible to start working on the preparation of the center and redesigning of the site to serve the needs of the sangha and other groups.

Plan of the works

from 5 October

Till 5 October preparations for the reconstruction works will take place, starting from 5 October, it will be possible to get involved directly. Larger work will be scheduled for the weekends, but help will be welcome also during work days.

Autumn vipassana

12–17 November 2019

Autumn vipassana from 12 to 17 November 2019 will be held in the newly established center. Until then, we need to convert the existing conference room into a meditation room and redesign the existing dining room.

Investment and renovation

Investments of CZK 4 million are expected during the first year. This sum should cover the following works: drilling a well to secure enough water for the summer period, changing the heating system from an electric to a heat pump, applying clay plaster, building a sewage treatment plant and creating a garden.
Plans for the future include the following works: building a larger meditation hall, renovating the cabins and re-approval of the building for a larger capacity.

Setting up of a non-profit organization

The center is owned by Sacha Parivartan s. r. o. As a part of the process of building the center, a non-profit organization (probably an association) will be set up to allow donors to deduct the donations from income tax. It will also act as a second legal entity running the center. The possibility of setting up a foundation for donations in the Netherlands is also being considered.

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