We are looking for…

We are looking for…

What (re)construction works will be done and when?

Discover the project plan and offer your skills to help realize the project.

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A large number of construction projects is planned for 2020. Many of them are quite extensive and some will be implemented in cooperation with companies.

One of the big investments for this year is a new 70 m deep borehole, which should ensure sufficient water capacity for the needs of the center. The borehole will be drilled by a specialist company.

Other projects that will be done with the contribution of seva include:

  • building a system of air recuperation in the meditation hall,
  • insulating the roof of the building with the meditation hall,
  • finishing the floor and applying clay plasters in the meditation hall,
  • insulating the walls of the meditation room,
  • demolishing the corner room in the dining room,
  • extending the chimney in the dining room,
  • finishing the fireplace and ventilation in Shiva room,
  • building new toilets and bathrooms under the meditation hall,
  • surveying work, laying bricks around the fireplace and building a furnace in the yoga room,
  • designing a relaxation zone,
  • repairing the outside staircases,
  • painting the wooden paneling,
  • dismantling the tennis court.
  • A garden will be also started and trees will be planted.

There is really a lot to do and every helping hand is welcome. For some works, such as applying the clay plasters (to be led by Michel), the dates are already known: 6–21 April 2020. We will inform you about other dates here and on Facebook page.

Sharing with you the draft plan of works:

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