Our vision

The intention to create a meditation center is springing from a deep connection with Naropa and the vision of awakening and embodiment of Truth.

The creation of the center opens up a possibility to concentrate the programs offered by Naropa in the Czech Republic at one particular place that will be devoted to transformation of consciousness and from where this focus can spread.

Thanks to Naropa’s willingness to be part of this project and stay in the center for some periods of time, we are provided with an opportunity to deepen and keep alive our heart connection with him and also have a chance to integrate meditation into life in a more comprehensive way.

For the sangha that has been growing around Naropa over the years, the center is a new opportunity to explore the potential for shared being and working and creating together in the spirit of seva; seva means contributing and sharing oneself for the benefit of the whole and without expecting any personal gain or anything in return. It is meditation in action.

The center with this spirit is open to events of other groups with a similar focus and will be available also for individual stays at times when there will be no program.


Naropa is an awakened being without any dogmatic inclination or religious affiliation. He has been greatly inspired and is linked with Osho and the enlightened Masters of the Sacha lineage. The lineage which exists solely for the purpose of awakening the consciousness of the whole of humanity. Sacha means the Truth and refers to the universal essence of existence, pure being that we actually are. Osho talked about the new man who is a manifestation of the Buddha energy of Maitrea. In Naropa this energy has become fully manifested. Maitrea is not a remote guru on a pedestal, but a friend of people who guides us directly to our true self. He destroys inner prejudices, power and pride of the ego and brings one to the openness and truth of the heart. The new man has overcome the limiting structures of the old, narrow mind and lives from the natural quality and authenticity of the present moment; the new man is rooted in relaxation, respect, natural responsibility and sharing, without hierarchy, drugs or ideas about spiritual progress. Naropa is a living embodiment of enlightened awareness that is the potential of each and every one of us.


The word Trimurti comes from Sanskrit and it means the divine trinity personified by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. They are the original powers of existence—creation, preservation and destruction, the fundamental principles of the universe which we are part of. The Sacha lineage is directly connected with the female aspects of these powers in the form of Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Kali Durga through guru mantra.

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