18–20 September 2020


Trimurti, Vojtěchov 11, Lísek (Bystřice nad Pernštejnem), Vysočina

1 hour from Brno by car

2 hours from Prague by car

You can also come by train (get off at Rovné-Divišov).


  • full weekend program in beautiful and quiet surroundings in the middle of forests
  • starting with Friday evening dance – registration opens at 5:00 p.m
  • ending at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday
  • accommodation and food included
  • participants of the workshop get a discount for the open dance evening on Brno on Thursday – www.danceinsideout.cz


All women and men who like to explore themselves as fully alive, without any dogmas, with or without previous dance (or meditation) experience.


Are you interested in participating and taking along your children to be taken care of while you are dancing?
Please let us know while registering for the workshop. If more people are interested, we are open to providing this service.


Do you have more questions?

Contact the organisation team at info@danceinsideout.cz / www.danceinsideout.cz


Go to FB group @danceinsideout and connect to the dancers who will be coming to Trimurti for the weekend (and not just for that 🙂 )

September is the time of the year when summer is right behind us. In summer we are well nourished by the richness of nature. It’s the time of the year when nature is showering its abundance upon us. Each year again and again, in this season, there is so much abundance and aliveness. The seeds are bursting into flowers, plants and trees. There is a natural, strong vital life force – a passion to live that wants to go out, grow and blossom. Love, attention and courage are needed for the seed to open, so that it can unfold and become what it is destined to be.

What wants to be born in your heart?

What needs your attention for further growth?

How can you integrate that into your day-to-day life?

Are you ready to take a jump into the abundant flow of existence?

Dance, breath and meditation will support this process of unfolding.

Dance and meditation come together in a unique way in Move in Essence. The inspiration from which Mati teaches is grounded in both dance and meditation. These two flow into each other organically; dance is meditation and meditation is an inner dance. In Move in Essence we begin and end with the breath, as the gate to your essence.

Breath is a beautiful vehicle to bring frozen energy back to life. Circular breathing allows you to experience on a deeper level where your energy is flowing and where it is stuck. By alternating circular breathing and resting in Beingness we allow the frozen parts in ourselves to come back to life, while simultaneously deepening our Awareness. In this alternation of intense breathing and resting in Awareness, we become one with the breath. By becoming one with the breath we become one with our being. This breathing meditation allows you to let go of all control and come to surrender. That way meditation comes natural and we experience our true nature.

Naropa has trained me to give this meditation. I offer it both in individual sessions and on combination days: breath is a direct portal to your essence. On these days dance and meditation merge organically, the breath being an entrance.

The Price

Single Room

private room

private bathroom

Full Board – Fri, Sat, Sun

Dance & Breath & Meditation programme

7 000, – Kč

6 500,- Kč*

*an early bird discount if payment is made before 01/09/20

Double room

a bed in a room with another person

shared bathroom

Full Board – Fri, Sat, Sun

Dance & Breath & Meditation programme

6 300, – Kč

5 800,- Kč*

*an early bird discount if payment is made before 01/09/20

Triple room

a bed in a room with another 2 people

shared bathroom

Full Board – Fri, Sat, Sun

Dance & Breath & Meditation programme

6 200, – Kč

5 700,- Kč*

*an early bird discount if payment is made before 01/09/20


a bed in a cottage shared with another person

shared bathroom outside

Full Board – Fri, Sat, Sun

Dance & Breath & Meditation programme

5 800, – Kč

5 300,- Kč*

*an early bird discount if payment is made before 01/09/20


Full participation in the weekend workshop includes a discount of CZK 200 for the open dance evening in Brno organized by Dance Inside Out:

WHEN: Thursday, 17 September, 18:30 – 21:00

WHERE: Malá tělocvična Pod hradem, Údolní 3, Brno

FACEBOOK/ @danceinsideout

WEB/ www.danceinsideout.cz


The residential workshop enables to build up group energy for us to be in for the whole weekend without any disturbance.

Trimurti is surrounded by woods, with ponds suitable for swimming and bathing within reach by foot.

You can enjoy walking in the woods and settle down in quietude.

Shared care for the space is an integral part of Trimurti. This is why the programme includes your help with washing the dishes and joint cleaning of the rooms on Sunday.

We will be serving vegetarian dishes.

Trimurti is an alcohol- and smoking-free place. You can smoke outside the gates.

For CZK 150,- sauna is available.

About Mati

I feel strong resonance with the hearts of people in Czechia, which is why I love to work in this country.
I love both dance and meditation. I perceive how they complement and deepen each other beautifully.

When I was twenty I encountered with Osho a different way of dancing for the first time. I could experience what it was like to become completely engrossed in it and thereby surpass the little me. After that, in 1990, I danced the Five Rhythms for the first time, with Gabrielle Roth. The combination of enjoying the dance and the healing effect of it gave me an insight into how energy works.

In subsequent years, I was fully dedicated to this. I followed the teacher training and the subsequent training Heartbeat. In Heartbeat we practice to experience the pure energy of emotions, so that frozen energy can flow freely again. I was trained to be a dance teacher by Gabrielle Roth, Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan, and Andrea Juan.

Since 1998 I have been teaching in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to the Five Rhythms I have attended different workshops and trainings in meditation, body-focused therapy and tantra. Since 2008 I have been connected with Naropa and he has trained me to give breath meditations. I also attended Vipassana retreats regularly during the past seven years.

Since 2008 Mati Engwerda has been deeply connected with her teacher and close friend Naropa.

Her work has been greatly inspired by the path of the heart, dance and meditation.

Where to find Trimurti