These groups have been emerging around individual areas of activities in the center. They can help you find the right contact in the center.
And if you are interested, you can join any of these creative groups.

Coordination group

Plans the development of the center and organizes events.

Ota Fleischlinger
Jana Hronková
Antonín Koubek
Veronika Šmejkalová
Mirjam Passmann

Building group

Organizes and supervizes building operations in the center.

Jakub Hronek
Martin Kožnar
Ota Fleischlinger
Antonín Koubek | English connection

Communication group

Manages the website, Facebook, the forum and makes sure useful information reaches you.

Karolína Kubicová
Veronika Czimmermann
Jarka Žgáničová
Jiří Žgánič Šprdlík
Jarek Carda
Veronika Fialová
Johan Stolk

Financial group

Helps with finances, donorship and the issue of non-profit organization.

Aleš Kabilka
Honza Nejezchleb – donorship |
Veronika Šmejkalová – finances in general |
Peter Soonius
Ineke Zuyderduyn
Tomáš Morcínek


Prepares the programs of the center.

Jana Hronková
Antonín Koubek
Renata Kamenická

Operational group

Administers the buildings and takes care of practical operation of the center.

Jakub Hronek – caretaker |
Antonín Koubek – financial administrator |
Aleš Kabilka
Kryštof Pohl
Petr Kosnar


Designs and looks after the garden, garden beds and greenery.



Manages the interiors and the design of the center.

Martin Kožnar

IT & Audio

Deals with and administers IT, transmission technologies and electrotechnology.

Martin Očenášek


Organizes and manages events.

The group is searching for its members.


Takes care not only of good food.

Kryštof Pohl


Cares for the forests around Trimurti.

Jakub Hronek

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