How to contribute financial support

How to contribute financial support

It is possible to participate in financing the center by providing a donation—a one-off contribution or a standing order giving the possibility of a regular contribution on a monthly basis.

Smaller contributions will be used to finance operational repairs, creation of the garden, interior equipment and similar items. These donations will be accepted by a non-profit organization (probably an association), which we are about to establish (autumn 2019). This arrangement will allow donors to deduct donations from income tax. If you decide to donate CZK 1,000 and more, or if the total value of your donations as an individual is more than 2% of your tax base, you are entitled to a tax deduction. If you are interested, you will be issued a confirmation for this purpose.

You can donate larger sums directly for a particular renovation work by making a special-purpose donation to the owner of the premises (Sacha Parivartan s.r.o.).

You can also support the center with an interest-free loan. Together we will agree on the form of loan repayment.

Contractors can provide a gift in the form of a discount on the work or the material supplied.

The euro account of Sacha Parivartan s. r. o. in IBAN format: CZ14 0100 0001 2305 0846 0227. For payment in Czech currency, see the Czech version of this post.

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